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Next event: 21st April 12 pm - 2 pm tour and discussion

The first Earth Week Festival in Second Life builds from the world wide celebration of Earth Day on 22 April. It embraces shared values and celebrates our efforts toward creating a sustainable human presence on the Earth. The Green Ideation quest hosts a special event during Earth Week in Second Life where everybody is invited to join to experience the quest and discuss ideas for a more sustainable future. Join the group "Ideation Quest" in SL for updates!


Introduction to the Ideation Quest

The GREEN IDEATION QUEST is a research project at the University of Innsbruck with support of the Hyve AG. For each completed quest and the survey in the end the University of Innsbruck will donate EUR 5,- to “Light for the world” helping children in developing countries to restore their eyesight!

What is the GREEN IDEATION QUEST about?

The GREEN IDEATION QUEST is all about creative ideas related to a more sustainable future. Participants are invited to engage in creative tasks, submit their ideas and vote other ideas. The participants with the best ideas will be rewarded with prizes. The participants’ creativity has no limits!

Who can enter?

The competition targets everyone, since the future of our planet touches everyone.

How to participate

The different tasks are explained on the information boards. Ideas may be visualized as 3D Second Life objects, created by drawing programs or drawn freehand and could also be as a text description. It is possible for participants to submit any number of ideas.

What is in it for the participants? Who wins the Ideation Quest?

The ideas will be judged by user votes as well as by an expert jury. The event time starts at February 16 and ends at March 20 2008.

How to get there?

Registered Second Life users can go directly there by clicking on this link. Those new to Second Life may register for free at and then click on the above link or search for the Ideation Quest.

Any other questions?

Join the group IDEATION QUEST and communicate via IM to get help. You can also drop Rein Spire a message, or write an email to

Feedback wanted

To enhance the experience of the Ideation Quest we are looking forward to receive your feedback. This project is work in progress and an open dialogue could enrich the evolutionary progression of the platform.


All events take place at the island of the Green Ideation Quest. Join the IDEATION QUEST group for updates.

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